Pest Control Services in Durgapur

Durgapur, an industrial hub in West Bengal, encounters various pest challenges. Maintaining a pest-free environment is crucial for health and hygiene, and choosing the right pest control service is essential. Here’s a guide to some highly-rated options in Durgapur:

Top Contenders:

While Durgapur might have a smaller pool of service providers compared to larger cities, some consistently receive positive feedback:

  • Termite & Soil Treatment Co.: Holds a strong 4.9 rating on Google with over 90 reviews, praised for its 24/7 availability, effective solutions, and focus on termite control.
  • Insects Extermination Bureau (Pest Control): Enjoys a perfect 5.0 rating on Google with several reviews, known for its professionalism and quality services.
  • Rentokil PCI Pest Control Service: Backed by a global brand, it boasts a 4.6 rating on Google with positive feedback, offering a wide range of pest control solutions.

Other Well-Regarded Options:

Several other companies in Durgapur are well-rated on platforms like Justdial:

  • Pcsm Care Services LLP: Maintains a 4.95 rating on Justdial.
  • Jardine Henderson Ltd: Enjoys a perfect 5.0 rating on Justdial.
  • Many other companies with perfect 5.0 ratings on Justdial: This indicates a competitive market with numerous potentially reliable options.